When we began our mission, we came across this amazing little girl.  Her name was Brynn.  She was a very happy, loving little girl who, unfortunately, spent the better part of her life in hospital.  Brynn's parents were given the good news that she would be coming home, and they were going to start preparing.  They postponed their Tiny Light session so they could have a more relaxed session outside the hospital setting.  Brynn became very sick just days before she was to go home.  Sadly, she did not make it home. 

Because of Brynn's story, The Tiny Light Foundation™ now provides an in-hospital session as well as an at-home session once your Tiny Light is ready.  That way, no family will feel as though they are using up their session while in the hospital.  These special families will also receive the relaxed, customary family photos that we all dream of and desire.

Hospital sessions are considered urgent.  Please only apply if your child is in hospital. Approval will be made on a case-by-case basis.